hands1.jpgThe term “Our Space” suggests when we recognize that “this space” belongs to all of us, we can become well-adjusted members of society as we face our obstacles and deal with our challenges and victories together. It is a subtle call to honor the “Golden Rule” to love and respect others as we would like to be loved and respected within our own space that is shared by all of us.

We were established as a direct result of the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Through our counseling and other disaster relief services, thousands of individuals and families were helped. Originally named “Franklin Streets Kids”, our counseling program had a particular emphasis in offering individual and peer group therapy to school age children, many who witnessed the attacks first hand.

Our Space Family Mental Health Counseling, an independent entity affiliated with the Our Space Program of the NYCRC. It caters to people of all backgrounds and affiliations. Today the “Our Space” family of services includes a family counseling center (specializing in child therapy), family mentoring initiative, family development education and resource component and a year-round out of school learning center (Pre-K to 8th Grade) focusing on character development, the creative arts and academic enrichment.